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   Everything is Energy.

   Hence Einstein's famous equation E=MC2. Energy when it is moving slower becomes matter e.g. the physical body.
When moving faster it becomes light & sound. Therefore, we are all made up of energy.

   Energy needs to be in balance & harmony to work effectively, however, events & situations in everyday life affect us & we slip out of balance.

   Energy healing works holistically, with the whole body & all its energy fields such as the Chakras- energy vortexes & the Auric field- the energy field that surrounds all mater.

   Energy healing therapies include: Chakra & Aura cleansing & balancing.
Therapeutic touch, Chelation (laying on hands), Bach Flower Essences, cord cutting, clearing of dense energy, house clearing, psychic defense & protection.

   Therapeutic Touch

   An energy therapy developed in the USA by Dr. Dolores Krieger & Dora Kunz in 1972.

   The therapist actually works off the body, touching the energy in & around your body (Auric field). The therapist identifies areas that need special attention: stress, sprains, strains, injuries, headaches, stomach/digestive problems, heart, thyroid, gallbladder issues just to name a few but any kind of ailment anywhere in the body.

   The therapy focuses on moving the energy in particular areas & finally to help the energy of the whole body to flow smoothly.

   The benefits of Therapeutic Touch:

Increases & balances your energy
Works on the energy flow in special need areas as well as the whole body
Clears & tunes up your Auric field (your energy bubble)


   A hands on energy therapy which kick starts the energy moving through your body. The therapist places her hands on your body working over the whole body, balancing & harmonizing the energy & identifying where the energy is blocked. This overview of the client allows the therapist to give feedback to the client.

   Benefits of Chelation:

Very relaxing
Gets the energy moving
Balances & harmonizes your energy
Helps client & therapist identify particular areas to focus on for healing

   Chakra Balancing

   Chakras have been mentioned in all ancient cultures: Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, etc. Chakras are energy vortexes in & around the body. There are 7-10 major chakras going up the centre of the body to over the head in your Auric field (energy bubble). Other chakras are found at all joints, in the palms of the hands & the soles of the feet.

   In our life emotional, mental, physical & spiritual upheaval of any form can block these chakras, close them down or open them up too much. So they do not function optimally & consequently the person’s energy is out of balance.

   Each Chakra is also related to certain functions for example the 4th Chakra, which is either pink or green in colour & is known as the Heart Chakra as it is located in the area of the heart. Each Chakra is related to different aspects of our life & depending which ones are out of balance this will tell the therapist something about what is going in the client’s life, this information will be given to the client.

   The Therapist will identify which major Chakras are out of balance. All Chakras & the whole body will be worked on & then the therapist will make sure all Chakras are working & rotating at their best speed & rhythm.

   Benefits of Chakra Balancing:

   Brings all Chakras back into balance & harmony
This allows the energy of the whole body to function optimally
This therapy offers some insight on where the client is right now in her life & how this is affecting her energy & body.